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My professionally made demos.


This is my demo of my regular voice.



Here is a few of my different voices sorted by type.





Young Adult


My Most Recent Education

I acted a lot before college, and I picked up voice acting and restarted acting in July 2017.

Michael Replogle

My acting teacher since July 2017.

Tommy Griffiths

My voice acting teacher since July 2017.


All about my voice acting career.

  • October 2017

    Star Explorers

    My first voice acting job was for a video game called "Star Explorers". In this game, I played the ship's computer AI.

  • November 2017


    In this game about Edgar Allan Poe, I play Abby, the raven!

  • 2017

    Other Finished Jobs

    These are jobs that I have finished my lines for, but has not been released publicly yet.

    • Killer Elite Squad - Audio Drama
    • Robot Tom - Audio Drama
    • Clash of the Three Worlds - Machinima
    • Octopath Traveler Abridged - Video Game
    • Let's Do Art - Web Series
    • Black Book Five - Audiobook
    • From the Ashes - Machinima
  • 2017

    Future Jobs

    These are jobs that I've been cast in, but have not yet received my lines for.

    • Nikki no Tsumi - Visual Novel
    • Ethelia - Audiobook
    • Scaling Mt. Olympus: Interviewing The Pantheon - Audiobook
    • Matona Warriors Of Lunderia - Video Game
    • Gamer's Discord - Visual Novel
    • Barry Allen - Video Game
    • Medi & Friends II: Cupcake Quest - Video Game
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